Newtown Laughter Club

Club established by Rowena Fiennes in May 2001


(Webpage created  June 2006 by Usuff Omar)

(Webpage last revised: Oct 3 2011)



Meets in Newtown at the Camperdown Memorial Park at the corner of

Federation Road and Australia Street (about 5 minutes walk from  Newtown Railway Station)

  every Saturday at 10am (except on Christmas Day and New Years Day) 

See map below.




What if it rains? :   good question, bring an umbrella.  We improvise! 

But if the weather is severely bad, using common sense, it'll be called off.


Enquiries :  Usuff Omar

Leadership of Newtown LC now rotates since Rada, the laughter leader for the six years up

to 2010 relocated out of Sydney and no longer attends regularly.

Comments New members most welcomed. 




Note : I just sometimes attend this club Im not the leader,  but I'm happy to answer enquiries. 

Of the various free outdoor laughter clubs I've been to in Sydney, Newtown is my favourite.

It often has a strong laughter energy, although this can vary from session to session depending

on the chemistry, who's attending, size of the group etc.

(Hey - laughter is mysterious - you can't bottle it or call upon it on demand!)

I can be contacted at  




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