Hunters Hill Laughter Club


(Webpage created  June 2006 by Usuff Omar

Last revised :  27th July 2008)







Meets in Woolwich (not Hunters Hill!) at the Valentia Street Reserve, Sydney,

              every Saturday at 9am (except on certain holidays.)  See map below.

Quite often the club holds its activities around the Woolwich Wharf.




What if it rains? :   it still goes ahead! Its held under shelter at the nearby ferry wharf.

(Unless the weather is so bad - in which case, using commonsense, it'll be cancelled.)


Enquiries : Chris Kaye 0408082474

Chris (for Christine) is the laughter leader.

The Club was led by Shirley Hicks from 2000 to 2008.

Shirley has now moved to Queensland - thanks, Chris for taking over!


Comments New members most welcomed. Free. This is the very first laughter club in NSW and has been running since 2000.  The founding laughter leader,  Shirley Hicks, also created an umbrella organization for laughter clubs in NSW called Laughter Clubs NSW.

(Now closed, unfortunately.)


Members take turns, if they wish, to contribute a laugh each. 


Note : I just attend this club Im not involved in its running.     


Below is video of Shirley leading a laugh at Hunters Hill Laughter Club on Saturday July 26 2008.  Shirley has announced that she is leaving NSW for QLD at the end of the year.  Arrangements will be made for an alternative leader for the club.  Whoops, this video is not playing.  I'll fix it in a few days - I'm out of Sydney shortly.  Aug 3 2008 - whoops Jan 27 2009 update - still haven't got around to it.  I'm revamping this

whole website and it'll be done soon!!   Thanks.





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