Dr Kataria's Visit to Hunters Hill Laughter Club, Sydney

Saturday September 17th 2005



Sydney was cloudy and wet the night before the event,  as the satellite map opposite shows.  I thought the event would be a wash out.  It was raining at 5am that Saturday morning.




However, an hour before the event the weather broke as I saw a streak of blue sky encroaching from the Western horizon while waiting for the ferry to Hunters Hill, as you can see in the picture left.  Those clouds over NSW in the satellite map above just moseyed their way out in time for the start of the laughter club at 9am.






Warm ups at the start.  Sydney skyline in the background. Madan led the whole session.

Very good, very good, veeerrrryyyy goooood!

And more!  Because it was so good.

This is the Metro Laugh.  Everyone is hemmed in on a crowded train and holding on for life. (Lucky no tickling here.) 

The Elevator Laugh (from Sweden).  Where's Waldo?

Lion Laugh.

The One Metre Laugh, which Dr Kataria said was one of his favourites.

Shirley Hicks (right most) receiving the very good treatment at the end.  Dr Kataria was in Sydney for only the day and came to meet up with Shirley (Coordinator, Laughter Clubs NSW, Australia) to discuss laughter club matters.

After the laughter session there was a get together at Bardeli's Cafe in Woolwich.  Dr Kataria addressed the group, informing them of the "laughter bus" concept on the Sunshine Coast.  Some generous anonymous person paid for all the drinks (not me).  We could have a "drinks are on the house" laugh?

Dr Kataria also did the Greeting (handshake) Laugh, the Gibberish Laugh, the Visa Laugh (from Canada), the Airline Stewardess Laugh, the "I stepped in dog poo laugh" (from Sydney), the starting an engine laugh (from Germany), the no money laugh, the new way of breaths and took time to update everyone on the direction of the laughter movement, including the Laughter Exchange Program.  Interestingly, he mentioned there may be as many as 10,000 laughter clubs in India, more than quoted before as many clubs were unofficial.


Usuff Omar

September 17, 2005


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